Why KBM?

Kingdom Bound has produced New York State’s largest Christian Music & Arts Festival for 29 years. But as you can see, we’re far more than just a Festival.


Kingdom Bound Ministries exists to present the Gospel through a variety of art forms including concerts, outreaches and an annual performing arts festival; to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to encourage and equip believers in their walk with God.


1- Honor God

Kingdom Bound is built on a solid foundation of faith and belief in God (Psalm 62:6-8). We will, in all of our actions, honor God. We will root our ministry in prayer. Our founder, Fred Caserta, set the bar high by fervently praying at every possible opportunity. We will continue to base our ministry on constant prayer and communication with God. He comes first and is the reason we are here.

2- Serve Others

As we serve others we reap eternal rewards for the Kingdom of God. To further explain our servant culture:

SSee the Future
EEngage & Develop Others
RReinvent Continuously
VValue Results through Relationship
EEmbody our Ministry Values

3- Practice Stewardship

A Steward is someone enlisted by an Owner and charged with the management of the owner’s possessions. God owns Kingdom Bound Ministries. All of the things we have at our disposal are on loan. We can’t take them with us, but we can use them while we are here on Earth. We are accountable for all that has been entrusted to us with our time, talents, financial resources and relationships.

4- Cultivate Creativity

We will be a leader in valuing creativity. We will put an emphasis on recognizing it in others, recruiting people who have it and developing it in those who may be latent. The ability to think creatively is a gift from God. We all have it. We will use this gift to the fullest of its potential. It will drive us to take risks. Without fear and with a healthy dose of equal parts faith and fun, we will be a catalyst for sharing the Gospel in ways that encourage, equip and engage our community.

Team Members

Rick Cua

President/CEO rickcua@kingdombound.org

Matt Gould

Chief Operating Officer 716-633-1117 ext 133 mattg@kingdombound.org

Donna Russo

Chief Financial Officer/Festival Director 716-633-1117 ext 129 donnaroo@kingdombound.org

Todd Bemis

Director of Development 716-633-1117 ext 137 toddbemis@kingdombound.org

Wendy Menter

Director of Events 716-633-1117 ext 125 wendym@kingdombound.org

Lou Flis

Festival Operations/Administration 716-633-1117 ext 127 louflis@kingdombound.org

Amber Wing

Festival Accommodations 716-633-1117 ext 124 Amberw@kingdombound.org

Danielle Rose

Volunteer Coordinator 716-633-1117 ext 126 volunteers@kingdombound.org

Executive Board Members

  • Rick Cua
  • Christine Carr
  • Anne Cooper
  • Karen Hardick
  • Forrest Miller
  • Dick Murphy
  • Michael Peace
  • Holt Vaughn