The Gospel Through the Arts doesn’t just happen through a 4-day Festival or Concerts. It’s a year-round thing. In fact, it’s a daily adventure. Think about it. We have access to the arts like never before. Online, computers, tablets, smart phones. When’s the last time you wrote something out? (Cursive anyone?). There’s an opportunity to share the Gospel like we’ve never before had via music, visual arts & more. But how are we developing that in the Church? Here’s where we believe Kingdom Bound Ministries can play a role.


Creative Collaboration

KBcreative is an effort, through small networking opportunities, training sessions and regularly scheduled master classes to bring together artists in many different categories. It’s a connecting point to be trained, to learn peer-to-peer and to encourage each other to create excellent art and the outlets for which to share that art.

To date, we have already held KBcreative sessions for songwriters, guitarists, pastors and media teams interested in modern day visual arts (video, graphic design, branding). It’s just a start. In the coming months you’ll see many more opportunities in this space to do all of the above. Do you have ideas for a KBcreative session? Need training? Want to lead a class? Looking to collaborate with others? Let’s get a session going! Feel free to contact us with the form below: