Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I purchase on ground accommodations?

1. Call the KB office on or after September 17th at 800.461.4485 or 716.633.1117

2. Come to KB office on or after September 17th at 8550 Sheridan Dr., Williamsville NY 14221

3. Mail in your reservation form


Q: How old must I be to purchase an accommodation?

A: 21 years of age on the day the festival begins. When purchasing multiple sites, the park requires someone 21 years or older be on each site.

Q: Is there a deposit due for booking on ground accommodations?

A: A set amount of deposit is due at booking. We do offer payment plans. Pricing depends on time frame of booking package.

Q: Can I pick my site?

A: Many sites may have been sold. The Accommodations Director will assign sites on a first come first serve basis with the amenities that are requested. Please contact our office if you have any additional questions.

Q: Can I sell my extra Wristbands?

A: Yes!! Please make prior arrangements to sell your extra wristbands before the festival if possible.   Re-sale of wristbands at any gates is NOT PERMITTED on grounds.

Q: Does my child need a wristband?

A: Once a child is 3 years of age they are required to have a wristband to enter the amusement park or campgrounds.

Q: Are accommodations fully furnished?

A: NO. You must bring all items with you unless staying in the Guest House and Hotel.

Q: Can I purchase accommodations on grounds for less than the 4-day package?

A: Not at this time, accommodations are sold in packages including 4 days/4 nights. Check-in is on Wednesday and checkout is on Sunday at 11 am.1 am.

Q: What time is check in?

A: Sunday: Hook-Up and hook up sewer is at 2:00pm, all others 3:30pm

Q: What time is check out?

A: Thursday at 11:00 am accommodations

: Will I be able to wait in line if I arrive earlier than my site check in time?

A. No, you will be turned around and redirected to the main gate. You may go and enjoy the park until your accommodation check in time.

Q: Can I check into my site early?

A.  You can call Darien Lake to set up prior arrangements if you would like to stay the night before check in. If you would like to come in early on Wednesday you will NOT be able to. RV, Hotels and cabins need to be cleaned and garbage removed from sites. Also, customers from the previous night still have access to site earlier in the day on Wednesday.

Q: What do I do if I want to camp prior to Sunday?

A: All additional camping can be purchased through Darien Lake, they have set up a discount for KB campers. Contact our office to request your site number to then contact Darien Lake to let them know where you are staying during the festival (if possible)

Q: Can more than six people stay in an RV/camp sites/HOTEL?

A: Yes, there is an additional cost per extra camper. The site holder is responsible to request additional persons.

Hotel: 1 extra person

Guest House, Cabin, RV & Hookup Campsites: 2 extra persons

Q: Is Darien Lake Amusement Park included with my Kingdom Bound wristband?

A: Yes, your wristband will give you access to all that the Kingdom Bound Festival offers and all that Darien Lake Theme Park and Splashtown have to offer.

Q: If I purchase a commuter pass what time must I exit Darien Lake?

A: If you do not have an on grounds wristband you must exit Darien Lake property no later than 11pm.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?

A: Yes. Darien Lake does charge for parking per day. However if you are an on grounds guest your parking pass included in your package is good at the main gate as well as the camp gate during the Kingdom Bound Festival.

Q: Can I purchase a camping ticket at the camping gate?

A: YES. We STRONGLY recommend purchasing prior to the event (by July 15th). Otherwise, please anticipate a wait as campers that already have purchased will have priority in entry.

Q: Can I stay on a campsite with a commuter ticket?

A: No, a camping wristband is required to stay on grounds. Commuter wristbands do not include the camping fee, which is paid directly to Darien Lake. Persons found on the campgrounds after hours without a camping wristband will be asked to leave.

Q: My wristband broke. Can I get it replaced?

A: Yes, replacements may be obtained at the Kingdom Bound Information booth at the front Gate, or at the KB Communications Center near the General Store in Darien Square.

Q: I lost my wristband. Can I get it replaced?

A: No, there are no replacements or refunds on lost wristbands.

Q: My friend/family/pastor has my ticket and they are in the park, Can I go inside to find them?

A: No, you must have a wristband to enter the campgrounds and park. Please make arrangements prior to the festival to obtain your wristband and site/room car tag. Or have your leader meet you at the gate. You may also make arrangements to have your wristband left on hold at the camp gate for you.

Q: How do I drop off supplies/my child to a campsite if I’m not staying?

A. You must pick up a temporary entry pass at the camp gate. This will allow you 1.5 hours to get the site settled and for drop off of meals, etc. The pass must be returned to the camp gate prior to leaving. A driver license must be left with a KB staff person at the camp gate to receive a temporary entry pass.

Q: How many cars can I have on a site?

A: Two cars per site. Two tags will be automatically sent with your on grounds package. You may request two additional car tags for your site; however those cars must park in the Lodge on the Lake Hotel Parking lot at the far end.

Q: Is there a pool for those staying in an RV or Hook up site?

A: No, but there is a wonderful water park located inside the amusement park.

Q: Can we have campfires if we are camping?

A: Yes, bring your own wood or there may be wood available for sale at the General Store or located along the road outside of the park. There is a fire pit on each site.

Q: Are there picnic tables at all sites?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a place to cook food while staying in the hotel?

A: Yes Microwaves are located in central areas on the 1st and 3rd floor. You may bring a grill from home and grill outside in permitted areas during the festival.

Q: Is there a store on-site that sells ice and other essential needs?

A: Yes, the store is located at Darien Square and other stores are located outside of the park with in a 10-15 min drive.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

Pets weighing 25 lbs. or less are permitted only in the campground, however must be leashed on your site with a leash no longer then 4ft. No pets are allowed in the Hotel, except for service animals. Pets are not allowed in the Cabins, Deluxe RV’s or in the Amusement Park. All pets must be provided water, food, shade, and remain quiet when you are not there to attend to them. A copy of vaccination records is required to be on you at all times in case of an incident. You are required to clean up after your pets or you may be fined.

Q: Are there restaurants on grounds or nearby?

A:  The Teachers Desk does sell the most affordable food that can be purchased at the PAC (This is only open after 5pm) There are also several food venues as well as a few sit down restaurants located in the park and there are several located within a 5 to 30 min drive of the Amusement Park. 

Q: What is the walking distance from the Campgrounds to the Amusement Park entrance?

A: Hotel-about 4-6 minutes; RV-about 4-10 minutes; Hook-up-about 5-20 minutes. 

Q: Is there a shuttle bus available if I don’t want to walk?

A: Yes. There are shuttle bus stops located through the campgrounds and hotel lot.  Buses run throughout the day, constantly looping through the stops.  The shuttle runs from the Campgrounds to the Performing Arts Center (PAC).  Patrons are required to walk within the Amusement Park.  THERE IS NO SHUTTLE WITHIN THE AMUSEMENT PARK. 

Q: Can we bring alcohol into the campgrounds during Kingdom Bound?

A: No. Kingdom Bound is an alcohol and drug free event. Due to the nature of the event reaching a large number of under age children we ask that you refrain from bringing in or purchasing alcohol during the time frame of Kingdom Bound.

Q: Can I attended early morning devotions or the late night events?

A: Yes if you are an ON-GROUNDS guest only. This is a perk of staying on grounds. Those who do not have the proper on grounds wristband will be turned away.

Q: How do I get reserved seats at the Darien Lake Amphitheatre (PAC)?

A: You can purchase seating at  here. A Kingdom Bound wristband must be purchased in order to purchase a seat upgrade.

Q: What’s your cancelation policy?

A: Any cancelation of an accommodation order made between 8/28/19 and 3/28/20 will be subjected to a $100 nonrefundable deposit as well as loss of 15% of anything that has been paid to KBM for the accommodation. Any orders cancellations made after 3/28/20 will not be issued any type of refund unless the accommodation can be resold.

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