Our Volunteer Application Is Now Open

Please read through the instructions below and then click the apply to volunteer button at the bottom of the page

The Process

  • All volunteers please follow and complete the application process

  • Incomplete applications may be ineligible.

  • Once your registration is completed you will be directed to a payment page to complete the payment portion of the process.

  • There is a $10 volunteer application fee to be paid by each regular festival volunteer.

  • Pay-once parking, for an additional $20, is available to volunteers staying off grounds. Your Pay-Once passes will be mailed to you before the festival.

  • You will be notified only if your application is not accepted. Schedules will be emailed approximately 2 weeks before the festival

  • To help meet the volunteer needs of the festival, we ask that volunteers be available for a volunteer shift averaging approximately 5 hours per day.

  • If you do not volunteer for all 4 days of the event and want to attend on a separate day, you will need to pay for admission for that day.

  • Age guidelines:

    • Security Team – 18 years and older (NYS Security Certification or law enforcement preferred)

    • Transportation Team – 21 years and older (must be 25 to drive vans)

    • All other teams – 16 years and older. Volunteers under the age of 18 need to complete parental consent. The form will be attached on your application confirmation email upon submitting your application

  • Accommodations and Meals are not provided for regular volunteers.

  • Pastoral Referral IMPORTANT! ALL First Time Volunteers volunteers must submit a reference by forwarding the form to the person who will complete it and then returning that form to us. The form will be attached on your application confirmation email upon submitting your application.

  • A general volunteer background screening will be conducted. If you have any questions, please call 716-633-1117 ext 126.

Kingdom Bound Info:

  • Kingdom Bound Ministries (KBM) reserves the right to accept or not accept a volunteer application with or without cause at our own discretion.

  • KBM reserves the right to have any volunteer submit a reference form at any time.

  • KBM reserves the right to reassign volunteer positions at anytime to accommodate festival needs.

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